Friday, April 22, 2011

New York City - Day 2

When I asked Taylor what he'd like to see in New York he said Carlo's Bakery, which is on the television show "Cake Boss."  Except it's not in New York, it's in New Jersey.  But today we figured out how to take both the NY subway and the PATH trains and managed to get within a short walk.  Unfortunately, there were about a thousand people in line ahead of us, and even Taylor thought a wait of about three hours for a canoli wasn't going to be worth it.  Oh well.

We next visited Ground Zero, where the WTC Twin Towers were destroyed on Sept. 11th, 2001.  Honestly, in spite of all the construction and activity, the place was kind of spooky (and the gloomy overcast day didn't help).

St. Paul's Chapel, which is across the street from where the towers were.  It sits in an ancient little cemetary and some of the gravestones were damaged when the towers fell.

We also found Trinity Church just down the street a little way, and finally managed to find the grave of Alexander Hamilton (he's the guy on the $10 bill, among other somewhat more important things).

A short subway ride later and we found ourselves in Times Square.  We spent a couple hours trying to get Broadway tickets, but alas... nothing.  But we've learned that if we ever come back to NYC it's a very good idea to plan your whole trip far in advance.

The New York Library wasn't too far away and since I had read about it in so many books I'd read as a child we figured we might as well go see it.  It looked more like a museum on the inside, though, and I never did see any books.  But at least we found the famous lions outside.

Our final stop for the day was the Empire State Building (the taller one kind of behind the black and gold building).  I had sent the camera with Braiden, though, so any pictures we took are all on our phones.  But it was nice to see the nightime city from 86 floors up and try to identify different landmarks... even if we did have to wait in line almost 2 hours.

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