Thursday, April 21, 2011

New York City - Day 1

Braiden and some choir friends in the Flyaway to LAX around 4:45 am - way too early!

Taylor and I flew separate from the choir and took a shuttle from JFK to our hotel.  On the way I took a bunch of pictures, although the driver later told me I could get a ticket for doing so (not sure why, but I saw the signs after he pointed them out).  This was coming out of Queens.

The Empire State Building from the front seat of the shuttle - we'll go back another day.  Oh yeah, our driver was CRAZY!  He was a funny guy who sounded like he was from Jamaica, but I think he was cursing in French, so maybe another Caribbean island?  At any rate, he used the horn a lot, nearly ran into every other car on the road and most of the pedestrians, and pretty much seems to be an expert at driving in New York City.  He even got in an argument with another car.

The view from our hotel room.  Do you know what the sound of New York is?  It's car horns.

Taylor hates posing for pictures.  This was a statue of someone on the south end of Central Park.

The statue of General Sherman on the southeast corner of Central Park.

We strolled down 5th Avenue for a while, stopping to see St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Inside St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Radio City Music Hall on the way back to the hotel from eating Chinese and Thai food.

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