Friday, May 17, 2013

Come Dancing

I'm not a fan of The Kinks (most of their music was before I started listening), but I love love love this song!  (Apparently, a lot of other people loved it, too, because it was their biggest US hit and reached #6 on the charts in 1983.)  Out of curiosity I looked it up on Wikipedia and it was written as a tribute to the singer's older sister.  In the song she has a happier ending than in real life – she gave him his first guitar for his 13th birthday and sadly died that night from a heart condition while dancing.  Supposedly the song is very "English" and emulates "a fairground calliope" (and I guess the video goes along with that) but I always thought it sounded Mexican, especially with the trumpets and the way he sings (maybe he's trying to sound like a child?).  So in my mind I've always pictured a Mexican family in Los Angeles back in the 1950s.  What do you think?

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