Monday, November 5, 2012

Steve Jobs Must Be Crazy

I was just reminded of a movie I saw when I was a teenager, The Gods Must Be Crazy.  It was a low-budget movie made in Africa (with lots of natives and looking VERY low-budget).  Some friends had said it was very funny so when my cousins suggested going to a movie one weekend I mentioned it.  If you've seen the movie you know it starts out looking like a documentary - and I was definitely getting the Evil Eye - but soon enough everyone was laughing like crazy.

If you've forgotten it begins with a small plane flying over some African Bushmen when the pilot tosses a coke bottle out the window.  It lands unbroken nearby and seems to be an amazing gift from the gods.  It can hold water, is hard enough to mash roots, and can even make music when you blow across the opening.  The problem was that the gods had only sent one, and everyone seemed to want it at the same time which led to fights.  When they tried to throw it back to the gods it fell on a child's head and injured him.  (Click here to see that scene.)

So, why was I reminded of this movie today?  We have an iPad which is very useful.  It can be used much like a computer and the kids love using it for their "homework" (which seems to be listening to music, watching videos, and playing games).  But the gods were careless and only sent one, leading to regular fights because everyone wants to do their "homework" on it at the same time.  The kids can't even keep a straight face when they say they need it for "homework," which apparently can't be done on one of the other computers in the house.

So when I walked in the house tonight after work - in a fairly good mood - I was surprised at how quiet everyone was.  (This sometimes means mom got mad, but when I asked I was told that nothing was wrong.)  However, in less than five minutes a fight over the coke bottle - I mean, the iPad - had erupted resulting an instant loss of the peace and quiet and everyone being mad.  Of course, I was blamed for all this since I had asked why it was so quiet.

Stupid Steve Jobs.

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