Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Green's Tsunami Zone

Between scout camp and girls camp and cheerleading camp and volleyball camp, the Stake Pioneer Trek and EFY, the backpacking trip, and quick trips to Arizona (to see Poppy & family) and Provo (to drop Braiden off at BYU), we've been so busy this summer that I haven't had time to post family pictures.  This sign we saw when camping on Memorial Day weekend kind of sums up how it's felt:

Of course there were a few trips to the beach, but not enough!
Cousins came to visit
Jamie and the girls went to Solvang and talked Patty into going with them
Katie (on the left) at girls camp

Pioneer Trek - Taylor (in the middle)

Why is the Bishop the only one who looks happy?  (Maybe because he's not pulling?)

 Pioneer Braiden

Surfer girl Kate (with no braces!)

When we took Braiden to BYU we HAD to have lunch at the Red Iguana!

Poor Taylor!  BYU doesn't allow skateboarding on campus.

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