Sunday, August 12, 2012


Jamie's been saying it for months now but it just hit me the other day: our oldest is about to leave home!

Every time she'd mention it (always a little teary-eyed) I'd say, no, he's just going up to school and we'll still see him. But then I realized we'll probably only see him at Christmas or a long weekend here or there, and when he comes home next summer it'll be to leave on his mission and then he'll really be gone for two years. After that he'll go right back to school and if he sticks with his major it'll probably mean graduate school, too. So, I guess this really is it.

And it makes me feel depressed.

And I feel old, too.

And I'm reminded of a line from a song in "Fiddler on the Roof" where Tevya says "I don't remember growing older, when did they?"

But I guess this is what we raise our children to do: leave.  We just hope they don't go too far and that they come back often.

Good luck, Braiden.  We'll miss you.


  1. Such sweet memories. Makes a grandmother teary also. One thing I know for does get a little easier as time goes on. However another thing I know for matter how much time goes by when your children are not near there is a little place empty in your soul. Only to be filled when they come near again.

  2. That is a very odd thought...having your kids growing up and moving out! I'm way excited though at the thought that he'll be a lot closer to us, hopefully he'll stop by and say hello to his old "favorite" Aunt Rebecca!

    1. Well, he won't have a car so he won't be able to "stop by" unless someone picks him up. But maybe we can figure out a way for him to come visit sometimes.