Saturday, July 7, 2012

"Children, I wanna warn you..."

I gotta say, there are a lot of relatively obscure 80's new wave songs that were COMPLETELY AWESOME! When you take Adam Ant's band and add a 14 year old girl as lead singer who knows what you're going to get? Well, not a lot of hits unfortunately but at least a couple of really good songs! (Plus a Scotland Yard investigation into "exploitation of a minor for immoral purposes"  but we all know the music industry would never stoop that low!)

Bow Wow Wow's most popular song was "I Want Candy," but "Do You Wanna Hold Me?" was my favorite. Apparently, the band was created to promote a line of clothing (???) and Boy George (who called himself "Lieutenant Lush" at the time) was initially considered as the lead singer  but they thought he was "too wild" so they went with some girl singing along with the radio in her family's dry cleaning shop!  (You think I'm making this stuff up?)  Like Adam Ant they used some African drumbeats, but does it also sound a little like the old 60's surf music to you too? (Maybe it's the guitar?)  Anyway, it's FUN music and I love it (even if the video is unusually strange!).

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