Friday, December 16, 2011

Weapon of Choice

When I was growing up we didn't have cable TV in our home - my Dad thought it was silly to pay for television (and frankly... I have to agree with him).  As a result I was deprived and the only time I saw music videos was if they happened to be on regular TV.  So I sometimes find it fun to go on YouTube and look up the videos for some of my favorite 80s songs.  And I'd probably have to say that "Take on Me" by A-ha is probably one of the best videos (and I'm surprised at how many really good songs had lousy videos).  But I'm not sure how I found this cool video.  In fact, without the video, I'm not sure the song is even worth listening to... but I really like the video.  (And who knew Christopher Walken could fly?)

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