Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Red Skies at Night

Here's another great New Wave song from my early high school years that I still absolutely love: "Red Skies at Night" by The Fixx.  Keep in mind that back in 1982 many videos were pretty simple, especially for a new band just breaking onto the music scene.  This was from their first album, "Shuttered Room," which also had the song "Stand or Fall" (which had a much more polished video).  They made it really big the next year with their album "Reach the Beach" with the single "One Thing Leads to Another" which became a top 5 hit in the US.  A lot of their music had a 'Cold War paranoia' theme which was common in the early 80s (maybe moreso among European bands), but I really don't know what this song's about - I just love the way it sounds!

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