Friday, March 4, 2011

Star struck and snowed on

Last weekend we went down to Hollywood to see some stars.  It was Oscars weekend but we weren't there to see a bunch of movie stars tripping along the red carpet.  We were after much bigger stars so we went to yet another one of those famous places in Los Angeles that we hadn't seen yet: the Griffith Observatory.

The view from up there is great!

She's afraid of being left behind and can hardly stand to pose for a picture. Yep, that's the Hollywood sign back there.

Maddie will always pose for a picture, even if there's an alien behind her.

Pluto's no longer a planet but there's still a display for it with a tiny little ball.

Did I mention there's a great view from up there?

And, as evidence of the cold and wet winter we've been having this year it was predicted it might even snow - right here in Los Angeles.  The weatherman said elevations as low as 500 feet might see some of the white stuff, and our house is at about 800 according to the GPS.  But while we didn't get any at home we were snowed on while driving through Studio City (right by Universal Studios) on our way to the observatory.  It was kind of rain mixed with snow, but there was definitely snow on the windshield and the freeway got a little slushy.  I was busy driving but I wish I'd thought to have one of the kids grab the camera for a picture of it. (And you'll notice from the pictures above that once we got to the south side of the mountains the sky was pretty clear.)

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  1. The pic of Maddie overlooking the city is awesome!! Loved Kate's expression too! What a fun trip, my kids would absolutely love something like that. Glad you guys went...