Saturday, February 26, 2011

Broken bones, birthdays, and beach parties

We don't really break bones in my family.  Neither I nor Jamie nor our siblings ever had any broken bones growing up and our kids seem to be similarly blessed with strong bones.  (Well, that's not quite true - but I'd rather not go into the story of how I cracked a rib while playing golf.)  But it's a good thing because Maddie tried jumping off the trampoline without touching the metal frame (it's been really dry lately and the static electricity was bad) and fell on her arm.  Luckily she only fractured it - not badly - but the doctor still considered putting her in a cast for three weeks.  Maddie was hoping for a cast but was happy with a splint... for a little while anyway.  Within a few hours it was itchy and uncomfortable and driving her crazy.

It's all smiles leaving the doctor, but later...

We also celebrated Taylor's birthday - at the beach of course.  He wanted to try out the surf board he bought and the wetsuit he got for Christmas.  Even though the weather here has been pretty rainy and unpredictable, it turned out to be a beautiful day (and we went back for another beautiful beach day on President's day, too, although the waves weren't very good).

Kate and Jolie, a couple of little surfer girls

The beach isn't so much fun when you can't play in the water!

Of course, Taylor isn't the only one who has a birthday in February.  We also celebrated Kate's birthday - with Jamie's shrimp pasta with asparagus and a bundt cake from everyone's favorite new cake store.

My kids are all getting so much older and bigger - it makes me kind of sad sometimes.  Like Tevye says in Fiddler on the Roof, "I don't remember growing older, when did they?"


  1. They are so grown up. Though Maddie was still to shy to even look at Jon when we sat by her in church when we were in town. So that shows a little bit of youth still in them, right?

  2. Yeah, I'm kinda hoping that shyness keeps the boys at a reasonable distance until they're about 20! And sorry I missed you guys while you were here - I briefly saw you but there was quite a crowd. I hope you end up in CA when you finally land back in the USA.