Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Quotes I like (Kepler)

Johannes Kepler was a brilliant German mathematician and astronomer in the 17th century (at the same time as Galileo) who discovered important laws about the motion of the planets.  I ran across these quotes by him in a book called The Clockwork Universe (which I'll review after I finish it).

"My brain gets tired when I try to understand what I wrote, and I find it hard to rediscover the connection between the figures and the text, that I established myself." (pg 158)

"I have consummated the work to which I pledged myself, using all the abilities that You (God) gave me; I have shown the glory of Your works to men, but if I have pursued my own glory among men while engaged in a work intended for Your glory, be merciful, be compassionate, and forgive." (pg 167)

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  1. I like those! I completely relate to the first one.... hahaha